“I have always tried to stay ahead of my competition by finding the latest technologies. In addition to using solar in our own business, we are installing a lot of systems for residents and businesses. DCEO's renewable energy funding helped make this project more affordable."                             - David Ronen, Co-Owner of A&D Electrical Supply

The 18 kW system A&D Electric installed into their own warehouse provides about 40% of their electricity usage. The DCEO Renewable Energy Resources Program covered 25% of the project cost. With Federal tax credits, the system will pay for itself in about 11 years. Although many entities choose to install solar panels on the roof, A&D located their solar panels in the parking lot due to roof maintenance needs and the ease of keeping dust and snow off the panels. They were also able to orient the panels towards the south, while the roof faces east and west. 

Solar Power is blowing up in the United States: Adding tons of jobs, driving progressive policies, and attracting millions of dollars in investment from major corporations. It's not slowing down anytime soon: New data from market analysis firm GTM Research finds that 2014 was solar’s biggest year ever, with 30 percent more photovoltaic installations installed than in 2013.
-Wired, 2015.

A&D Electrical Supply was proudly recognized by the ActOnEnergy Business Program for helping Ameren Illinois business customers complete 102 energy efficiency projects from June 1, 2013-May 31, 2014.

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